How To Get Victoria’s Secret Hair

By Wanda Dundas | Victoria’s Secret Hair

Feb 03

Have you ever wondered how Victoria’s secret models have such a beautiful hair? Part of that has the right nutrition, eating healthy and avoiding junk food. They also go to the gym regularly, and we all know how exercise can affect your overall health and image. But they also use few selected hair products which give them that extra shiny and healthy hair. Here are some ideas on how you can also have Victoria’s secret look.

Keep it natural

The rule number one is to don’t try to look like a doll. Keep the natural movement and flow of the hair, keep the natural waives of the hair. To achieve this, you can blow -dry it, or use a curling iron. You will achieve a nice and relaxed look, which will make you look like a million dollars.  To have this look your hair also needs to be shiny, soft and long. You can’t grow your hair in a week time, but you can get extensions, that are so easy to use. You also need to cherish your hair for that soft and shine. You can achieve this by using different hair care product, depending on your hair type.

Use the right hair products

To accomplish fullness of your hair and bounciness, your hair must be free of residue. So you will have to use the first conditioner and then shampoo. Conditioner helps to soften hair, and shampoo to create a messy texture. But try to find basic and natural products which will not overwhelm your hair, because products that are recommended by stylist are harder to rinse, and leave hair too soft, which is why she losses volume.

Blow-dry it

Before you blow-dry your hair, use a towel to dry it out, and then use mousse, a lot of it. This will add a lot of volumes, and this is the look that you are looking for. Before a blowout makes sure that you have the right brush. It has to be big, as big as you can find. This will help you to lift hair from roots and give you Victoria’s secret hair. Make sure that you have a brush with natural hair. This type of the brush won’t damage your hair and will grip on nicely. Don’t try to blowout hair perfectly if you want volume. When your hair is about 80% dry, then you have to use a brush, and pull it in both ways. If you think that you are done and that your hair is dry, blow-dry it for another two minutes.

Add extra volume

If you want that extra volume, use the rollers after a blowout. If you have long hair, use a large one, and if you have short hair, use medium-size.


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